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RKKA maps according old (Russian empire) nomenclature

RKKA topographers in years 1918-1944 successfully used inheritance of Russian empire - verst scale maps. Till II WW maps in scale 1:1050000 (25 verst per inch), 1:420000 (10 vesrt per inch), 1:210000 (5 verst per inch), 1:84000 (2 verst per inch), 1:42000 (1 verst per inch) were printed and used, also even maps in scale 1:126000 (3 verst per inch) were used. We didn't find RKKA maps in scale 1:21000, probably RKKA transformed scale 1:21000 into 1:25000 (content of maps was the same or changes were marginal). RKKA topographers republished verst scale maps in two ways: some maps were republished without changes, content of some maps were updated using available newest cartographic material. Titles (name) of RKKA maps in verst scale were as old maps from period of Russian Empire. More information about verst scale maps you can find in chapter of Russian empire maps.

Plans of cities (and surroundings) prepared by RKKA

On the eve and during II WW RKKA topographers prepared and published series plans of cities (and surroundings) of Russia and Europe. Plans were prepared using different cartographic material: Russian, German, Polish (...) plans of cities, serial topographical maps, it was used aerophotographing. Updated plans enable to understand growing and destroying cities.

Typical RKKA plan showing city of Europe on the eve of II WW-plan of city Warszawa, year of publishing 1932, scale 1:20000. Plan have name according 1-verst maps: LXXXIII-K Warszawa. This plan prepared using plan in scale 1:20000 published in 1924 by WIG, updated using plan in scale 1:30000 (1931-1932), schemes of development from y. 1932. All updates showed by separate colors, additional information about main institutions was given on plan.

Warszaea 1932 1:20000

General view of plan Warszawa, 1932, scale 1:20000

As well we manage to discover digital maps of cities:

Plan of Breslau (Wroclaw), y.1944, scale 1:15000. Plan prepared using German Messtischblatts (1936-1937), updated according newest cartographic material. On margins additional information about main military and industry institutions.

Plan if Breslau (Wroclaw), y.1945, scale 1:10000. Plan prepared using German plan of Breslau (scale 1:10000, y.1934), RKKA plan of Breslau (y.1944, scale 1:15000), aerophotographical material from y.1945.On margins additional information about main military and industry institutions, signs.

Plan of city Lodz, scale 1:20000, one color (no y. of publishing).

Plan of city Orel (Russia), scale 1:25000, one color (no y. of publishing).

Plan of city Berlin (and surroundings), printed on 4 sheets. Scale 1:15000, year of publishing 1944, colored. Plan prepared using German Messtischblatts (1937), updated according plans:"Gross Silva Stadtplan von Berlin" (1940), "Pharus plan Berlin" (1941). On margins given topographical signs and additional information about main military and industry institutions.

Plan of Berlin 1945 1:15000

General view of plan Berlin, 1944, scale 1:15000

Plan of city Budapest, printed on 4 sheets (in collection only 2 sheets). Scale 1:25000, prepared in 1944, published in 1945 in one color. Plan prepared using Hungarian maps in scale 1:25000 (1928), updated according plan of Budapest in scale 1:25000.

Plan of city Chailar, scale 1:15000, one color. Prepared and published in 1942 using Japanese maps in scale 1:100000.

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