25 SEPT 2013
Posted by admin on 2013-09-25 17:26:37
Kaunas 1842 At chapter Maps and plans showing handling of territories in Lithuania (1798-1860) added information about plans and maps of General land survey of Russian Empire (XVIII-XX c.). Additionally fragments of maps in scale 2 verst per inch (1:84000) with the cities  Kaunas, Raseiniai, Merkinė, Braslaw (Braslaў, Breslauja) presented.

Extended News

We expect enlarge chapter about General land survey of Russian Empire by new material.

I Fact - we are interesting in maps and plans showing territories of present Lithuania.

II Fact - plans and maps are in extra size (example 1x1,5 m.) and in poor condition: it is very difficult to scan (digitalize).