13 OCT 2013
Posted by admin on 2013-10-13 20:32:39
1:50000 soviet map We continue to introduce Soviet topographic maps (published after WWII till 1990). In separate section we presenting the description of maps in scale 1:50000 (1 cm - 500 m.). About 620 maps in scale 1:50000 covering territories of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, after WWII by General Staff it was prepared and published 5-7 editions of map in scale 1:50000.

Extended News
It is difficult to discover all editions (and all maps) in scale 1:50000 on Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. We know, all maps survive and will be scanned in future. Till now we have at least one edition of all maps in scale 1:50000 on territories 3B States.

Apropos soviet Poland (General staff of Polish army) published identic maps in scale 1:50000 on territory of Poland. (Content was identic like Coviet maps, place-names in Polish).