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"Always Maps were as utility tool to practical work..."
Samas A. "Maps and their makers." (in Lithuanian, free translation)
I will not be an innovator, adding to these words even a few thoughts. In particular, the development of mapping like no other visually reflects the ethnic lands and our history. Not at all stages of history was free to touch the map, perhaps because there is even greater desire to indulge passion for mapping study.
Gradually, we can see an increasing number of literature sources on the web about cartography. I think all of this still allows a wider and deeper access to the world, and of course the development of Lithuanian cartography.
I hope this project allows a wider and closer look at the history of cartography and maps of the world... (OK- small part of World - Lithuania and neighbor countries).


All what you'll find in this project, you can use free of charge and free of charge in your projects, scientific and educational publications. Reference to the source is desirable.
The authors of the project and will try to do everything that the site contains material consistent with copyright and other laws. And yet, if this happens, that someone will rule based on the claims, the material will be immediately removed from the project.
The authors of the project is not responsible for any consequences that may arise in using the project material. The authors of the project and is not responsible for the cartographic material displayed material reality.


In this project we publishing material of private digital maps collection. Collection basis - digitized maps from individuals, institutions collections, from vastness of the Internet collected and systematized material.
Aim of the project - introducing to historical cartography, to complement and enrich personal (and respected surfers) collection of maps, according to the possibilities accessing as examples some old maps...

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